Another innocent child killed by her mother & stepfather. 1/13/06

Nixzmary Brown was tortured and beaten to death by her mother and stepfather. NYC Child Protection Services were aware of the abuse.

Who's the family court judge attached to this case?

Children raised by single mothers or in homes with a stepparent are more likely to be abused or killed. How much more evidence do you jerk off family court judges need? If the father in this case had regular contact with this child, she might still be alive!

Remember 7 Year Old NixzMary Brown and Others

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Nixzmary Brown's tragic life of unimaginable physical and emotional agony ended at 4:30 a.m. Jan 11th, 2006 when the 7-year-old's battered body was found in her Brooklyn "house of horrors." The second-grader had been bound to a chair, tortured, sexually molested and starved for weeks before being killed by a savage blow to the head - even after child welfare authorities dismissed charges of abuse.

Statement of Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum
on the Death of 7-Year-Old Nixzmary Brown

The brutal death of Nixzmary Brown is cause for alarm and a serious investigation into procedural failings on the part of the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS). ACS Commissioner John Mattingly’s pledge to reassess every open case in the child welfare system is a heartening first step but should not preclude an internal review to identify agency-wide problems that may have contributed to lapses in individual cases like that of Nixzmary Brown. I call on Commissioner Mattingly to conduct such a review.

Overloaded and under-prepared caseworkers cannot always make the acute and timely judgments necessary to protect the life of an abused child. The City must ensure that ACS has the resources it needs to effectively carry out its responsibilities, and ACS must ensure that all caseworkers have the training, experience, supervision, and institutional support they need to prevent such senseless tragedies.


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